Cape Verdean Style

I love my house. It’s adorable. It’s brick. It’s old. So old, that at least once a week something breaks. I love my house. This week, it was the water heater. Yeah, no water for the dishes or washing hands or SHOWERING. Hence the reason why we all might have to go “Cape Verdean Style”.

Two of my roommates, Emily and Miriam, served their missions in Cape Verde, Africa, and they never had hot water. Just a pot full of hot water from the stove to make washing your hair a little less painful. I’ve avoided the whole situation for as long as possible, I’ve been bumming off of my friends, but I might have to break down and shower in the freezing water soon.

Our landlady is supposed to have someone come and look at it soon… we all really hope so. Especially because we had a bonfire at our house Saturday night, and so everything smells like smoke. I like hot water to wash my clothes! I’m so spoiled, it’s ridiculous.

For all of you fixer-uppers, we know that the hot water heater is really broken because we had a great little visit from the gas company around midnight Saturday to fix a gas leak (yeah, we smelled gas in our house, but it was a small one! Don’t worry!) and he couldn’t get the pilot light to stay alight. Woohoo! Yeah for technology!

4 thoughts on “Cape Verdean Style

  1. Em and Ms says:

    Oh man, that is NO fun! Especially in Utah in winter. I’m spoiled too. We almost had the same problem in our house, but thanks to Matt’s boss spending a whole day working on it the day we moved in, we were good to go with nice, hot water. You could shower in the Smith Fieldhouse if you get desperate!

  2. Oh no! That would be aweful…I would definately suggest that you bum showers off friends for as long as possible! But it’s a good story!

  3. Yay, you have a blog!! I can’t wait to read all about you 🙂 Hope things are going well!

  4. Wow that is No fun! The landlord should have to reduce your rent for a problem like that! He is going to have it fixed right? Hopefully soon! THat is no fun! I guess it will make for some good stories in the future! 🙂

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