Mystery #1: Sunday night our house was “heart-attacked!” For those of you who don’t know what that is… it has absolutely nothing to do with your internal organs. We were all inside the house and some one very sneakily and quietly put tons of little cut-out construction paper hearts all over our front door. They also left some home-made bread. They forgot to leave their name though! It was adorable and it still makes me happy to see all of the hearts on our house. I’ll try to take a picture sometime before they all get blown away.

Mystery #2: Later Sunday night I mysteriously got ridiculously sick. I was up all night with the stomach flu. What a great way to end a birthday! I missed work and school on Monday and I feel much better today. But we still have no idea what caused it because no one else in my house got sick.

Mystery #3: This weekend my good friend, Megan, from Sundance tried to come stay with me for my birthday. As she was packing her car to leave it started snowing, in incredible amounts. The semis started slipping off the road. When she decided to turn around, she got a flat tire. How come she couldn’t come see me? It has been at least three, if not four years since we’ve seen each other!

Mystery #4: What am I doing for Thanksgiving? Working? Studying? Going to my friend’s family’s house? I really don’t know the answer yet… but I better figure it out soon!

One thought on “Mysteries

  1. Julie says:

    Cute Home Page!Did you solve any mysteries?I am sorry Megan couldn’t come and see you. I can’t say I miss Wyoming weather!I am glad you are feeling better!You can come see us for Thanksgiving 🙂

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