Cinderella Ball

On Saturday my ward held a Cinderella Ball. All of the girls in the ward turned in a shoe and all of the guys in the ward (and a few extra recruits) picked one of the girls’ shoes. Arriving at the church, all of the guys were sitting at the table with their date’s shoe. All the girls found their shoe and then ate dinner with their date. We had performances during dinner that made us laugh.All the single ladies! The roommates (Mary, me, Emily, Roxanne, Kimi, and Cami).

My date was Justin, a friend of a guy in the ward. I had a great time getting to know a new person. The dance was fun! My dress was long, so it made it difficult to dance sometimes, but it was still fun.

It has been a long time since I got all dressed up, it was fun to have a house full of girls getting pretty again!


One thought on “Cinderella Ball

  1. That is such a cute idea! Ya’ll look so cute and I’m glad that ya had a good time!Love, Bergan

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