Roommate Emergency!!!

“Roommate Emergency!!!!! DiAnna called and we have to be out of our house by Saturday! (Not April Fools) All of our stuff has to be gone! “

That’s how my roommate’s text went on Wednesday, April 1. When I got the text, I just laughed. And laughed. And laughed.
In the spirit of the famous holiday, I called our landlady and got her in on the prank. She called my roommate, Cami, and told her that we had to be out of our house in two days. (If you read my previous post, you’ll see why she actually believed her and this joke was actually hilarious.)
She sent that text to all of my roommates. And they all freaked out. I heard later that they were all calling their parents, one roommate even left class early to figure out what she could do to fix the situation. 
I waited a few hours before I called them to let them know it was a joke. When they got home that evening, they were still raging. I know they love me. 🙂
What April Fools’ jokes did you play?

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