Adventures of PJ and Twit

Call me PJ. I’ll get your mail, write your e-mails, answer your phone and create your database, all without complaining. If you treat me nice, I might even give you five bags of marshmallows to make rice krispie treats. But I won’t go get your coffee!As the marketing intern at LT, I am the marketing team. I report to my boss, “Piper” and she reports to the president of the company. They say that those from whom you learn while in the beginning of your career have a lot of influence on what you do. I didn’t realize it extended to clothing! We showed up Tuesday morning wearing what was basically the same dress. Hilarious because the day before we wore the same shirt. 

And that is why they call me PJ, I am “Piper Junior”, in more ways than one! 
A couple of days ago we were driving to the printers to get our booth printed for the trade show the company is going to in New York (I don’t get to go, I’m just the intern), and on the way Piper’s tire blew out! Yep, it happened, and we were both in skirts (not the ones in the picture, this is a different day). Luckily, one of our fellow carpoolers was with us and HE was willing to change the tire. Living in such a beautiful place like Provo, Utah, we get sun all of the time. That day, it had been sunny all day, and the road was rather soft, as we found out when the jack started slipping and Piper and I had to literally catch the BMW suv from falling over without the tire on. We held it on the leaning jack while our brave tire-changer quickly got the old tire back on. We backed the car up a few feet onto a harder piece of road and used the now-bent jack to finish changing the tire. In the process of changing the tire, we heard a loud POP… it was the jack, popping back into place, and fixing itself. The tire was blown out in at least five places around the wheel. 
Adventures also happen at my other internship, where they call me Twit. This originated because I started the Twitter account for the agency and was so excited when people started following us and Retweeting my tweets. (If you need a dictionary to explain this, don’t hesitate to ask!) By the way, if you want to follow me on Twitter, my username is KynaT16.
I spent three hours standing by the back of the Provo Tabernacle last week, waiting for the last speaker to show up for the event we were holding. He was already inside. I burned my face in the shining Provo sun for no good reason. I’m glad no one came and told me.
At the agency, I am working on new business development. I’m the only one. Is it fair to put the entire future success of your company in the hands of your newest intern? Well, really, other people will do stuff too, I just have to get it going and make sure it keeps going.
I’ve only been working for two weeks. I’m sure there are more adventures to come.

4 thoughts on “Adventures of PJ and Twit

  1. Emmers says:

    That is hilarious.

  2. Meg says:

    Hahaha, I love your stories!And can you enlighten me on the Twitter thing? I think I’m too old for this….

  3. First of all, wow, those are some crazy adventures! Second, where did you get the dress? I love it!

  4. Carol-Lyn says:

    I love having you as PJ and I promise to NEVER ask you to get me coffee. Can you imagine ME on coffee?

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