Ultimate Frisbee

My roommate, Mary, and I went to our first ward activity a couple of weeks ago and got depressed by the ratio of girls to guys. So in response we decided to organize an ultimate frisbee game every week. So far, it has been a great success, I’m getting much better at throwing and catching the frisbee. And we are even starting to get in shape. 

Yesterday, only a few people showed up so we were just tossing the frisbee around. We weren’t even running. The frisbee came to me and I (because I’m so good at catching now) went for it, found the hole in the grass instead of the frisbee and came up with an ankle the size of a baseball. 
Yep. I’m really good at ultimate frisbee. But, the doctor said it should be better in about a week! Yeah! Until then, I’m just going to enjoy the beautiful bruises. 

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Frisbee

  1. Oh no! Way to be tough 🙂 The more you play Ultimate, the better you get!

  2. Dani W says:

    Yikes… finding a hole in the ground is never fun. Glad you are such a trooper about it though. I am so glad you commented on my post the other day… I had no idea you had a blog… now I can read up on your happenings!!! YAY!

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