Valley of the Goblins

This weekend I went to the Valley of the Goblins with some friends of mine from my new ward. We left late Friday night (well, around 6:30) but it was a three hour drive so we didn’t get there until after the park closed, so we just hung out by the campfire. It’s amazing how hard it is to think of scary stories. I have come to the realization that I don’t know any, and if I did, I don’t think I would know how to tell one. 

We had a secluded campsite, which was really cool because then we could be as loud as we wanted all night and no one could hear us/ hate us. 🙂 I slept surprisingly well in our little tent, the three girls from my ward, (me, Allison and Becca) were all comfortable with each other and made it easy to sleep, even though at several times during the night I woke up and found my face quite close to Allison’s. 
This rock was huge and if the picture had been zoomed out a little bit it would have looked like we were holding it up. As it is, you get to see our dirty faces. Beautiful. I love camping and smelling like a campfire. Other than the first picture, these other ones are from the slot canyon that we hiked called Little Wild Horse Canyon. So cool, I loved seeing the way the rocks had eroded. 
My ankle did so great, I actually think the stretching was good for it. I’m thinking I’m almost ready to start running again! Woohoo, maybe I’ll get to do my half marathon after all. 


5 thoughts on “Valley of the Goblins

  1. Mary-Anne says:

    One of my favorite places in the world. Love it there. My family used to go almost every year. Glad you had fun!!!

  2. Em and Ms says:

    I love Goblin Valley! We went there when I was younger and I've always wanted to go back. Glad you had so much fun.

  3. I've never heard of that place, it looks like it would be worth the trip.

  4. Allison says:

    That was a fun trip! Thanks for letting me borrow your jacket. I think you're rad.

  5. Dani W says:

    Oh how fun Kyna!!! Glad your ankle is doing better… finally. Love the pictures!

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