Yesterday we finally had sun here and so, we took advantage of the heat to do some water activities!! Our ward played water balloon volleyball, which quickly turned into a water balloon fight, and we got soaked. After rolling down the hill at Rock Canyon park and practicing our handstands (yes, they are much easier when you are little), we headed home. 

On our way we got invited to go tube down the Provo River. We didn’t have tubes and didn’t want to have to rent them, so we went to five tire stores before we found one that was open and got a sweet deal on some used tubes. We drove up the canyon and parked before heading down. By the time we got into the water, it was around 6 p.m. We went ahead and started floating down the river, my roommate Mary couldn’t stay in her tube, it kept getting ahead of her, so I tried to go after it, and totally fell out of my tube (I caught my tube) and cut my hand. After the eventful entrance into the water, we all got in and floated down the river. It was so much fun, you just have to be careful of the rocks (there are some incredibly shallow places). I found a rock with my rear end while going under a bridge and can still feel it. 
We all started to freeze (by the time we got down, it wasn’t sunny on the river any more, so we were freezing, I was shaking like it was wintertime. So we got out and walked on the railroad tracks the last 1/4 of the way to the car that was parked at the bottom. On the way down the river, I saw a beaver!! It was so cool, I wish I had a camera that was waterproof so I could take some pictures of the cool views along the river. Where we left our cars at the top there was a bunch of old concrete dividers. A family of marmots had made it their home and I took a couple of pictures of them, but it wasn’t a good picture (as soon as we got close, they ran inside). 

So, I want to go again, when its not freezing (perhaps during the middle of the day)… and I’m sure it will be so much more refreshing and I could hang out there all day. 

One thought on “Tubing!

  1. Dani W says:

    Dont forget sunscreen when going mid day… I made that mistake!!! lol… that was a bad burn! Tubing is tons of fun… sounds like you guys had a super eventful day!

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