More Summer Catch up

I have a few more things to post pictures from, so I’m doing it slowly. For the fourth of July I got to watch the parade with Miriam and Nate, super fun, until all the little boys from next to us decided they needed our part of the street to stand in… But, I was impressed with the length and the fact that there were floating balloons in this parade.

After the parade I went tubing with some friends from my new ward, this time down the river wasn’t quite as cold and we all actually got sunburnt. No injuries either!
I went to my friend Elena’s BBQ, after stopping by Sarah’s and we watched the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire from the MTC field. I felt like they were somewhat disappointing, super short and not all that cool. Last year at Alderbrook Inn was definitely more impressive.
Here I am with my friends Elena and Melissa waiting for the fireworks to start. It was a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “More Summer Catch up

  1. Yay, what cute girls!!!!

  2. Hey! Looks like you are having a fun summer! How is your internship?

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