More adventures of Piper and PJ

I think I am quite possibly the luckiest intern ever. Last weekend I got to go to New York City for a trade show for my company. We worked hard the entire month before planning our mega-booth, ordering things like grass, shelves, flower pots and minivans. I was in the city just long enough to get everything set up and then I flew back to cover the office while the rest of the department was schmoozing with potential clients. Here are a few pictures from my trip:

We got to Mary Poppins on Broadway!! So fun, its my favorite movie and so I loved the opportunity to see it so well done. I think my favorite part was the set, it was an entire house that moved!
This is called the flat iron building. It looks like an iron on top, that’s why they call it the flat iron building. I got to walk through Times Square, which is basically just a bunch of advertisements. Very bright and big advertisements.

We ate at a nice french restaurant named Maison, it was really good, very close to our hotel and we got to sit outside and watch everyone walk by, I love people watching.

3 thoughts on “More adventures of Piper and PJ

  1. Genevieve says:

    how fun! i love new york. we go every chance we can cause we know we won't be so close for long! glad you were able to go and have fun and see mary poppins!!

  2. Dani W says:

    Next time you head to the city you need to check out Serendipity… simply AMAZING! Oh and you are supposed to look us up and come stay with us… granted we live 3 hours north … still at least we are in the same time zone! lol.

  3. I LOVED Poppins too! Did you just love the Step in time number, Bert walking upside down and Mary flying across the audience! Ah… I love New york!

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