New house

This is my new place for at least the next year. I like it, small but perfect for what I need. I decided to post this picture in honor of our housewarming party tonight. We’ll see how many people come, but if the past is any indicator, Mary, Sarah and I don’t need more than a few minutes together before someone says something funny. We’re considering a quote wall. But are still debating about the merits of making it public or private. Your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “New house

  1. I love your new house AND the idea of a quote board…good times!!

  2. Meg says:

    It's adorable. I might be buying a house….long story. (or not so long story…I might be buying a house….I guess that is the story!)

  3. Post-it Note says:

    Yeah for a cute house! I got your text but I was driving a baby across the dessert from Grandma's house canning peaches. Sounds much more romantic than it really was.Going private on your blog or on your quote board? Because secretly Jenny and I had a solution for secret quotables.Paige

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