Even More adventures of Piper and PJ

We planned a training and users’ group for my company this week. It was ridiculous, talk about salaried employees. I worked until after midnight twice this week and pulled off a fantastic event. We had a “Wheels Up!” theme that we carried into the networking dinner that we planned. Here are few pictures of the night. I’ll have more later.
Do you like the airplanes?? We gave each guest a boarding pass that included information about our sponsors and then we sat them on our airplane and had the “flight attendants” mix everybody seats up so we got to move around and they served the food as if we were on a plane. Then we had dinner in the next room. It was fun and really good food. We had it at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, which was beautiful and so nice! I really like that building. The temple looked GORGEOUS at night from that high up.

4 thoughts on “Even More adventures of Piper and PJ

  1. Elaine says:

    It looks like the event turned out great! Not so great about the overtime without the benefits! Totally lame!

  2. That is such a cleaver idea! You should be an event planner!

  3. Carol-Lyn says:

    Overtime with no benefits?? Wasn't spending even more time with me enough?? Seriously, though, thanks for all your hard work! You did a fantastic job with the webinar.

  4. What an awesome idea! I love it!!

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