We have an apple tree this year at our new house. The apples are delicious now that its fall. So what do you do with an entire tree full of delicious apples and only three people to eat them all? Have an “Applepalooza!” We had a bunch of people over last weekend and made a ton of caramel apples, complete with chocolate chips, almond chips, m&ms, and candy corn. We also had hot apple cider, apple crisp and apple pie.

Don’t they look delicious? We still have lots of apples and caramel if you’d like to make some!


3 thoughts on “Applepalooza!

  1. Mary-Anne says:

    YUM!! I wish I had an apple tree!! We just paid $1.99 per pound last week for apples! Those carmel apples look DELICIOUS!

  2. Em and Ms says:

    That sounds like so much fun! Not to mention delicious. I've been making lots of caramel apples this year. We put caramel, then a white chocolate layer, then a cinnamon/brown sugar mixture. They're the best ever.

  3. Meg says:

    I think you should share some with your Wyoming friend….who is currently starving in her office still slaving over her thesis!!

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