I got to go home for Christmas for a blissful two weeks. I got to be with all of my family, enjoying the addition to my parents house and playing with my brothers. There were a variety of activities: Nerf wars, cabinet building, ballroom dancing in the dining room and of course, sleeping.

New Years was really fun. Ty and I went to the Seattle YSA dance in downtown Seattle. We got to see the fireworks go off the Space Needle at midnight. It was very cool.
Afterwards Ty and I took the ferry back to Bremerton and stopped at Denny’s for a nighttime snack. We were there for at least two hours! It was full of drunk people and they had to call the cops on at least one group of people… quite the entertainment.
I loved getting to hang out with him. He’s pretty into this new girl he’s dating and so I’m trying to prep myself for him to get another lady in his life. 🙂
I really needed a vacation, so it was very nice to sleep and relax and be surrounded by people who love me.

One thought on “Holidays

  1. Mary-Anne says:

    Yay! I'm glad you got to spend time with your family over the holidays. Looks like you had fun! I saw pictures of Ty and his girlfriend on facebook! She looks cute and it sounds like they are pretty serious? That is exciting!

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