More adventures of Piper and PJ- FreeRide 2010

For the second year, LinkTrust did FreeRide for more than 20 of our clients. FreeRide is where we bring in clients who are active voices in the industry with an interest in where LinkTrust is going. They come for a day of skiing, a day of meeting and a day of socializing and networking. Piper really did all of the work, but I did get to help make the boxes we left in the rooms for everyone when they checked in.

In the boxes were two fleece blankets that we sewed the logo on, a survival kit of chapstick, sunscreen, kleenex and Aleve; original Coke (it was in an antique Coca-Cola box), hand-dipped caramel chocolate pretzels, popcorn, apples, handmade suckers and the first candy bar ever made. I would have loved to get one! Especially the pretzels, the caramel we made them with looked exactly like the Kraft caramels you buy at Halloween. Yum!
Sundance Resort is absolutely gorgeous, and I live 20 minutes away. I can’t believe I’ve never gone up there before. If you are looking for a romantic/fun/relaxing getaway, I would absolutely recommend going!
Here we are at the first night’s dinner, schmoozing it up with some clients.
I loved getting the opportunity to meet all of these people, I feel like it is so much easier to work with people when you have a face to go with a name! They were all so nice and I’m excited to continue to build those relationships.
This is a picture of the Rehearsal Hall where we spent most of our time. We had amazing food and the ski day was awesome.
Except I tried a snowboarding lesson. I have a picture on another camera to prove that I tried it. Well, and if you could hear my muscles scream, I’m sure you’d believe me. I think I’ll stick with skiing.
Piper did an amazing job and I am really grateful that I get to see what good events are like, so some day, I will hopefully be able to plan something as awesome as this!
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One thought on “More adventures of Piper and PJ- FreeRide 2010

  1. Elaine says:

    Fun pictures! I love Sundance, they have the best food! My favorite is this ravioli they used to have at the foundry grill.

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