if I lived to be 100

i’d have lived in Italy again

i’d know what true love feels like
i’d be a great cook
i’d have run several marathons
i’d have seen some crazy things come and go in Congress
i’d probably be driving a flying car
i’d have had my own restaurant (at 100, I’d be retired)
i’d be a crazy old lady wearing purple and mumu’s whenever i felt like it… and hats! i’ll bring back hats if it’s the last thing i do.
i’d be very wrinkly, i think it’s adorable
i’d have a porch swing and use it during the winter, spring, summer and fall
i’d have spoiled my children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews with delicious baked goodies
i’d have had several family reunions where i made everyone listen to my exciting stories of life as a BYU co-ed
i’d have done my family history
i’d have written a book, and forced everyone i ever knew to read it
as you can see i plan on being an annoying and fiesty 100-year-old. Get ready!
I just started a new page on my blog called “My Bucket List”. I only have a few things on it, but I am going to be adding to it, probably a few of the ideas from this post too.

What do you think?

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