A good clean feeling

I’m on my last piece of Orbit gum.
This green piece of goodness is what gets me through the day.
And sometimes the morning.
But never the night.
Looks like I’ll be running to Maverick this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “A good clean feeling

  1. Julie says:

    ??Do you need me to send you some gum:)??

  2. Beans says:

    Sure! I chew through a couple of packs a week… But, I just thought I'd share my love of Orbit with the world. You don't have to send me any, but I love checking my mail…

  3. Orbit is my fave too, especially the Spearmint. It's good stuff for sure. I love looking over your blog. You are such an inspiration Kyna. I just love you and your beautiful smile. XOXO

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