In honor of the new movie, “The Secretariat” coming out today, I thought I’d post a list of movies from 2010 that I still haven’t seen. And want to see. And yes, that includes, “The Secretariat.”

– Letters to Juliet (It’s set in Italy and I haven’t seen it yet. Peccato!)
– Toy Story 3
– Ironman 2
– Prince of Persia
– Robin Hood
– Eat Pray Love
– Life As We Know It
There’s a mix of chick flicks and guy movies here people. Who wants to take me?

4 thoughts on “Movies

  1. Emmers says:

    I heard Eat Pray Love was dumb but I still want to see it. I loved Life as We Know It… it was cute and pretty funny. I can't believe you haven't seen Letters… I think I have seen it so many times that I would never want to watch it again…

  2. Ok, here's my take. Take it or leave it.1. TS3: have to see it! No choice. It's a crime against nature that you haven't.2. IM2: worth seeing, not as good as the first.3. PofP: actually liked this movie a lot more than I expected. And Jake is nice to look at…4. Robin hood: same as above, a little higher brow and exchange Jake for Russel. 5. Eat/pray/love: meh, book was waaay better. 6. Juliet: better than I thought. But still, a very predictable chick flick. I wasn't a big fan of either guy love interest. So… Yup that's it! I love movies, so Ben and I watch a ton!

  3. The Mom says:

    If I lived closer to you I would leave the kiddos and pound on your door with Letters to Juliet. Soooo good!!! Good luck getting your list watched 🙂

  4. Julie says:

    Lots of fun movies! I have seen all the "guy movies" and loved them! When I saw Letters to Juliet advertised I said, " I need Kyna to go see that movie with me!" Have fun. I love a good movie.

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