And then I woke up

The last three nights have each rewarded me with more than just a restful night’s sleep, they’ve also left me with vivid recollections of my dreams.

Two nights ago I was living outside of Tehran, Iran. We (me and the super babies I was raising) lived in a forest hidden from the Taliban’s heat seeking rays by the trees. Only when an outsider came to help me (she landed her futuristic space shuttle right between two of the trees hiding us) did I get to go into town and continue helping the opposition by picking up a new member of the resistance. However, before I was able to reach the bus stop where she was waiting, an Iranian police officer (who I just knew sided with the bad guys) pulled me over and made me drive him around the block, he just wanted to check out my cool VW van. But then I had to figure out how to drop him off and not let him see me pick up the new member of our resistance. And then I woke up.
The night before last I was visiting Multnomah Falls with some people from my BYU ward. While there we ran into an Italian man who had forgotten how to speak Italian. I had to teach him how to say, “Let’s go”. He kept trying to say “andano” instead of “andiamo” and it made me incredibly frustrated. Of course, I didn’t even get to check out the falls before we had to leave because I was to busy trying to teach this man something he should never have forgotten. And then I woke up.
Last night I was playing on a co-ed intramural basketball team. We were in the highest level of talent, so of course our game was really intense. For some reason, everyone on the team was guarded constantly and I was always free, so I kept taking shots, but my arms were so tired and heavy (like, just did 500 bicep curls heavy) that I couldn’t lift the ball higher than my shoulders, so of course, I never made a point. But, the other team was so worried about my obvious skills threatening their win that they decided to have the tallest, most talented (and good-looking) guy on their team guard me. His long arms kept tripping me and I’d fall just after I took a shot. Every time. He was very nice to help me up and just as he was going to ask me where I had learned to play so well… I woke up.
At least my real life isn’t as crazy as my dreams. What do you think these dreams mean?

2 thoughts on “And then I woke up

  1. And I thought I had weird dreams! Your dreams are so detail oriented! Wow. Write a book!

  2. That is awesome that you can remember them so intently. I agree, you should write a book. I really enjoyed reading this Kyna, you are such an amzing person in every way. I sure hope all is going well for you! XOXO

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