Worthless Women and the Men that make them

One thought on “Worthless Women and the Men that make them”

  1. I think it is amazing the things that we women say about ourselves (and about each other.) If a male were to say the phrase 'women are useless', we women, as a whole, would rise up and publicly annihilate said man for being a chauvinist and a bigot. Yet when women say these things about themselves, it becomes perfectly acceptable and almost expected. If a woman makes a statement that she is proud of her hair/lips/butt/personality/whatever, we castigate her for being too proud. I don't know if I agree with all of the message – I don't think men can take ALL the blame for this, although I do think they need to shoulder their fair share. And I have always thought that blaming the 'media' is a bit of a cop-out, like the 'media' is some malignant, evil presence bent on world destruction – our at least the destruction of women's self esteem. True that the media propagates these ideas and creates ridiculous, unobtainable paragons of 'beauty' that women are supposed to live up to. But the media did not pull these things out of thin air – they came from somewhere first. There is no single factor to blame and thus no easy solution.

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