Taylor Turkey Trot- PREVIEW

Attention all Moses Lakers!

If you have nothing to do Thanksgiving Day morning and are already feeling guilty about the amount of food you know you will inevitably consume that day (and the subsequent days filled with leftover stuffing, turkey and pie)… come to the first ever Taylor Turkey Trot.
No, it’s not a 5k.
No, it’s not a race from the table to the bathroom as my dad AND my Aunt Trina both guessed (separately, you can totally tell they’re brother and sister).
No, it’s not okay to be embarrassed about what goes down.
The Taylor Turkey Trot will be an event filled with moments to remember.
Throw in some running, some biking, some crawling, a little bit of painting, some dancing and Mormon families without inhibitions and you’re definitely going to get something YouTube worthy. You can count on it. (Even though my mom told me, “Thou shalt not post”, I’m planning on it. That’s what they got me a camera for last year. Guess they’re doubting the wisdom of such an idea now.)
If you would like to participate all you have to do is tell me. And then show up Thursday morning. I’ll let you know exactly where soon… but I’m thinking it’s going to be in front of my Grandma Anderson’s house. In full view of the neighbors. On purpose.
Yeah for Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Taylor Turkey Trot- PREVIEW

  1. Let me tell you how excited we are for this! Words cannot explain the excitement! We are stoked and will be there in fancy attire to add to the craziness! But seriously, should we dress up all crazy like?

  2. Beans says:

    GREAT idea, Kelli. I love the idea of dressing up crazy!

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