Gypsy blood

My dad always talks about having gypsy blood. Not that we are actually descended from the Romanian people known for traveling around living off the land ( or the metro/subway, etc). But that he can’t stay in one place for long.

I can’t either.

Up until I came to Utah I had never lived anywhere longer than 6 years. It was something I’d become proud of, in an odd sort of way. I even wrote a paper about being the new kid for my high school english class. (I wonder if I could find that paper now…)

For the first few years that I lived in Provo, it wasn’t like I really lived here. More like I stayed here until the summer came and I got to go home. That all changed in 2009. I graduated and got a great job. (You’ll be reading more about my job as it comes, I have all sorts of thoughts about that. Prepare for geekdom!)

Now I’ve been in Provo for the last three years (I came back in August ’08 and haven’t really left since). I’ve changed apartments every year since then.

The Submarine House 2008-2009

The house on the corner. 2009-2010

I’m feeling that itch again. 

It’s in my blood! How am I supposed to help it?

I need to go home and rearrange my room. Maybe that will help.


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