I’ve taken to reading a lot of blogs about social media and the influence it is having on businesses daily. The discussion is never ending, appropriately so, because social media is constantly changing and updating. Some of the people writing about it seem to have absolutely no idea what they are saying and others have some experience and seem to have legitimate insights. Although, it seems like a good idea to rag on those that have no idea what they’re saying, the very nature of social media discourages me from being too harsh.
As long as they are not purporting themselves as experts, why can’t anyone say what they think? Isn’t that the premise behind social media? I guess, maybe, I’m hoping that’s how you will all treat my ramblings. That’s also the idea behind these types of posts on my blog. I sort of feel like I’m jumping off a cliff simply because everybody’s doing it. But, at least this is a cliff I’ve been approaching for a while and I hope to find some great insights during the free fall.

What do you think?

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