April Fools

I tend to forget a lot of non-holidays. Things like President’s Day, National Peanut Butter Day, etc. Sometimes I forget real holidays too. But I always seem to remember April Fools Day.

Especially since I just fell for the same joke twice. Within the space of 5 minutes.

There are a bunch of companies that are getting in on the pranking spirit. Both Mashable and TechCrunch have great lists of the best ones. My favorite?

The remake of Hulu.com into living, breathing mid 90’s internet reality. Who doesn’t remember slowly loading pictures and underlined hypertext everywhere?
This year I tried to think of something cool to do as an April Fools joke. But I couldn’t come up with anything good. Not as good as 2008. or 2009. 
My roommate Cami and I decided to prank her little sister and family. See, there was this guy… who I’m pretty sure had it bad for Kimi. She didn’t feel the same way. But we got him involved in the prank. Taking the typical, “I’m engaged” April Fools’ Day prank common in Provo single-dom to a new level, we had this willing guy call Cami and Kimi’s dad and ask for Kimi’s “hand in marriage.” We made him say it like that too. 
Her dad, an unknowing participant in the joke, had actually heard of this guy before and just assumed that he was moving a little fast. Looking back three years later, I can’t actually remember what he said, but it was something close to agreement. 
Eventually we couldn’t keep it from the mom or Kimi anymore… but left her dad out of it for an entire day. 
The best part of the joke was that Kimi and her dad turned it around on Cami. 
Later in the day I get a TERRIFIED phone call from Cami telling me that her dad just sent her an email showing her a car that he bought for Kimi as an engagement present. I know it sounds over the top, but really at the time there were a million little things that actually made it feasible. 
I, on the other end of the line, felt like it had to be a joke, but we didn’t know he knew it was a joke… so I literally called the dealership where he said he bought the car and asked if they had that specific model on the lot for sale. They still did and said it was totally available, so we were home free. (I had phone call followups for months afterwards about that car from the dealership. Jokes on me with that one.)
When the whole thing came clear, I thought it was hilariously funny. I’m not so sure Kimi thought it was funny then, but I hope she does now.
I was living in the submarine house with Cami, Mary, Emily, Kimi and Roxanne this year and our landlady had just found out that the Provo zoning regulations had changed and she wasn’t going to be able to rent to 6 girls anymore. So we all had to find a new place to live at the end of our contracts. Which was sad, we loved that house and all got along really well. 
Roxanne and I got our landlady involved in the April Fools’ joke and had her call Cami telling her that the city had moved up the deadline and we all had to be out of the house by Saturday (which was about three days away). Everything. All of our clothes, furniture, food. Everything. 
My poor roommates freaked out. My roommate Emily called her dad and started talking about getting a wrongful eviction thing started. We let them fret it out forever. 
When I got home though, I was totally expecting some kind of retaliation. Nothing. Got away scot free on that one.
2010… nothing. Totally lame.
2011- all I did was put a picture of my coworker’s least favorite movie in his office. 
He retaliated by scaring me. TWICE. Within 5 minutes. The first time jumping out from behind a door. The second time by jumping out from under my desk. I screamed so loud other coworkers came to see what all the commotion was about.
My family is coming into town tonight… I wish I could think of something to scare them with… the day isn’t over yet.

One thought on “April Fools

  1. You are hilarious and I love your posts! I am a terrible April Fools prankster, really lame. Sure hope all is well with you pretty lady! XOXO

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