Follow-up is an idea that seems so small, and yet a simple follow-up can make all the difference in the world in business and personal relationships.

Guys out there that are wondering about how to be successful in dating, let me give you a secret– it’s all about the follow-up. If only I had a nickel for every girl that complained to me about lack of follow-up, I’d be a rich woman.

What, you didn’t decide after the first date that you wanted to marry her? Oh man, better not waste any time in giving the poor girl another chance. Just, save yourself that text message and the 3 minutes it takes to send it so you don’t feel like your efforts are wasted.

And vice-versa… I once knew a guy who asked out a girl. She didn’t answer an unknown number. He chickened out and didn’t leave a message. She didn’t call back. (Not very many girls call back unknown numbers these days.) He followed up a couple days later and left a message when she didn’t answer this time. She called back. They went out. A few times.

In business, it’s the same thing! Meeting someone at a networking luncheon is great, exchanging business cards after talking is even better. But then emailing the person afterwards? Almost unheard of.

I went to a networking luncheon with some fellow alumni from my alma mater. There was one guy there who worked as a financial representative. We exchanged business cards and he emailed me and simply said it was nice to meet me. I then ended up passing his information along to my brother who was looking to talk to a financial representative.

Some people might get annoyed when you follow-up, but those are the kind of people that you don’t want to work with anyway.

The next time you meet someone at a trade show, a networking luncheon or at the grocery store and exchange means of communicating- follow up. You’ll be glad you did.


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