Spring Seattle Trip

I love Pike Street Market, it’s one of the few places that I can go and be surrounded by crowds and not get overwhelmed by the all the people.

Especially when I’m there with my momma. I got to spend an entire day roaming around Seattle with her at the beginning of June. It was one of the legendary, beautiful Seattle summer days with sun and clear skies.

There is an entire wall covered in people’s used gum. The city has allowed it to stay that way and there is gum there from the early 1900s. Can you believe it?

Nah… I’m just kidding, I don’t care how old it is, it’s still gross and weirdly cool. You’ll have to find it next time you’re in Seattle.

You have to do some shopping while at the Pike Street market, some people like the fresh fish, this time I went for the used books, the pasta and the flowers.

That was just the beginning of my trip home, where although I’ve lived there for a total of 4 months, it still feels more like home than Provo does. (and ever will???)


4 thoughts on “Spring Seattle Trip

  1. Julie says:

    I am sooo glad you got to come home for a while! I will treasure this day!!

  2. Mary-Anne says:

    Oh, I'm jealous. I just love Seattle so much. And I'm sorry Provo doesn't feel like home… 😦 I guess home is just always where your family is.

  3. Post-it Note says:

    Home is where Mom is! What fun pictures, that looks like an amazing time.

  4. Fun! And you even have pictures to document it!

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