Passion: found

I just got back from a work trip. Actually, I just got back from 2 weeks of craziness. My mind is still reeling. In fact, my entire body was reeling. It took an emergency trip to the dentist ending in an injected antibiotic into my upper gum to stop the reeling.

3 airports in 1 week is too many.

I don’t know how people become jet-setters without completely losing any sense of normalcy. Although, if you did it enough, I guess it would become normal. And who says one thing is normal and the other isn’t?

I was talking to a guy I met out in New York at the tradeshow where I was working (my coworker said, hey you’re single, he’s single and you’re both Mormon, you should date…) and when we ended up on the same plan back to Salt Lake City he ended up giving me some great advice.

It wasn’t earth shattering- but I was ready to hear it.

I’m ready to find my passion. And start talking about it.
I still haven’t decided if I’ll start a million different blogs, all talking about different topics- or just make one monstrous blog with 5 different sections. But, that airport conversation is about to put me on a new direction- and I don’t want to miss this flight. Not this time.


What do you think?

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