Post #1

It’s a brand spankin’ new blog for me, (Kyna- pronounced Keyna, just in case you ever meet me in real life.) I’ve started many blogs and rarely followed through on them. But then I met a guy who made blogging and getting people to read my blog a real possibility in my mind. So I’m going to try it. Instead of perusing pictures of people I don’t know on Facebook when I need a break, I’m going to write a post. Or two.

I’m sure this blog will develop over time. It will be a little personal, some of my trips and fun things I do. It will also be somewhat professional. If I felt like joining the thousands of bloggers commenting on Steve Jobs retirement, I could. (I don’t, I don’t have anything new to add to that topic and it’s a little boring to me. Oops… did I just say that?)

More likely I’ll share my experiences in:



Eating (it’s different than cooking)


Dating (ah… who knows. Maybe. That might be too personal.)

Anyway. Hello, world.


What do you think?

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