Now Showing: The Help

Gut reaction:
Everyone must see this movie.

Favorite thing:
The realness of it all. There are some characters you want to slap, and others you want to have over for a BBQ.

Character I related to the most:
Skeeter. Mainly because she was searching for who she wanted to be and stumbled upon something great. All by herself. Her hair is pretty awesome too.

I love typewriters.

How I felt:
After this movie my roommate, Jessica, came out and said, “Now I feel like I need to go out and change the world!”

I completely agree. It’s not the middle of the Civil Rights movement anymore, but there are things that are just plain messed up in our world. What can I do about them? How can I affect my corner of the universe?

Any ideas? Do you volunteer somewhere? Are you writing a book that doesn’t pull punches? Is it a day-by-day effort for you?

Please tell me, I’d love to hear!

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2 thoughts on “Now Showing: The Help

  1. genevieve says:

    i loved the help! this movie was done so tremendously. i worried about it since i loved the book so much but loved the movie. oh and yes- her hair is pretty awesome πŸ™‚

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