3 Song Run

I tried out my new shoes today. It felt so good to get out and hit the streets again. As per the suggestion of the real “runners” that I’ve talked to I decided to just go for a quick run and not push my foot too hard, but just slowly build up my muscle over time.

I pulled out my old running playlist, put it on shuffle and was out the door.

The first thing I noticed? My burning lungs!

I really have slacked on my cardio, I remember when I first started running again (after my 7 year break after high school) that I would end each run with a coughing fit. That eventually went away as my lungs got used to it, but I have let them get lazy again.

My legs felt fine and I loved the feeling of exploring my neighborhood on foot with a slight breeze cooling me down as I jogged.

Although I had my foot start aching only one and a half songs in to the run, I kept going for another song and then walked for a brief cool down.

All in all I went just over a mile. I feel good about it although I am frustrated when I think back to this time last year when I was training for the Halloween Half and the mileage I was putting in every day then. But, I ran 3 songs long and I feel good about it.

Even though I didn’t listen to it, I now have the song “Back in the Saddle again” going through my head.

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2 thoughts on “3 Song Run

  1. Sarah says:

    I can’t WAIT to run again! I miss it so much! I’m already thinking about what half-marathon I can do next year. I love your new shoes. I need new ones, but I’m going to wait to get new shoes until I can run again.

    • Kyna says:

      I would love to do another half-marathon… but we’ll see what I can get up to before I sign up. Let me know when you sign up for another one!

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