Music Musing

I’ve never been very inquisitive when it comes to new music.

I grew up on country music. Real country.

Once I even did a duet to “Here’s A Quarter- Call Someone Who Cares” by Travis Tritt. It was probably fifth grade and my friend and I decided we needed to be in the school talent show. I don’t remember that friend’s name now, but I do remember that she had pet chinchillas.

I don't know if they looked like this- but this one's cute.

After learning all the words to Grundy County Action by John Michael Montgomery, my musical tastes were set.

I always have at least 2 if not more of my pre-set radio buttons on a country station in my car and the only kind of dancing I actually have any talent for is country swing or line dancing.

Then I came to college and learned that there was this thing called “hip-hop” and it was fun to dance to with your friends in the wee morning hours. Especially if you knew how to shake it like a polaroid picture.

Then I graduated and kept making new friends who liked bands that had never been played on the radio and-GASP- weren’t even really trying to get played on the radio.

I still don’t follow the indie music scene and I can rarely be convinced to go to a local bands concert (small, sweaty venues with bad lighting and sound just don’t make my heart go pitter-patter)… but I am trying to be open.

Last night my roommate who is on the other end of the musical spectrum showed me two different songs from artists, one I knew, one I didn’t and I’ve decided I need to get more variety into my musical moments.

These are the songs that convinced me. (Thanks, Jess!)

Rayland Baxter- The Woman for Me

Sara Bareilles- Beautiful Girl

What are some other artists I need to check out? Are there some local concerts that aren’t enclosed in tiny, sweaty back rooms?


One thought on “Music Musing

  1. Jess says:

    Yay for new music and yay for slow songs! haha

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