Denver- Take Two

For the second time this year I packed my bags and headed off to the mile-high city. This time I took advantage of the new Frontier Airlines flight out of the Provo airport. It changed my life.

Not only did my drive to the airport take me only 10 minutes, Parking, Ticketing and Security were all a breeze. I also was privileged enough to have seat buddies there and back that were friendly.

I went to Denver for a girls weekend with some of my favorite girls on the planet. Thanks to good ol’ Sundance, Wyoming I know some of the most honest and good people in the world.

Nikki lives just outside of Denver now and was kind enough to let us crash at her house for the weekend. It was a perfect home base and she had a fantastically comfortable guest bed- I may just have to use it again sometime soon.

It had been at least 7 years since I had last seen Nikki and we have vowed to not let that much time pass again!

Megan and I got to see each other a few years ago when I went out to visit her in Laramie. She drove down to Denver and picked me up at the airport before we headed out to Nikki’s.

I am so grateful that these two beautiful women took me under their wing as the new girl at Sundance High School. Even though we are completely different people with different backgrounds and different dreams, we can always pick up where we left off as if no time has passed.

We got to play arcade games, take pictures, eat lots of good food, enjoy the outdoors and just relax.

All of my years of moving around means that I now have amazing friends from all over the United States. Although I had a hard time admitting it in high school, I’m so grateful that we moved so often because my life is so much richer and fuller with people like Megan and Nikki in it!


One thought on “Denver- Take Two

  1. Julie says:

    How fun! I am glad you make the best of everything, including moving all over the place! You have great friends and you are a great friend! What a fun weekend!! I am glad you got to go.

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