Rome: Day 2, The Roman Forum, Colosseum and Food!

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65 k and b on metro

Sunday morning we got up early and headed to church at Rome 1st Ward. We loved getting on a subway in Italy again. Both of us served in Milan which has a huge metro and we used it to travel around every day.

66 first pizza in italy

Church was fun, I forgot how much I love singing when it is in Italian. The ward was friendly and everyone was “bacing” each other and I felt right at home. “Baciare” means to kiss and everyone greets friends with a kiss on both cheeks.

Our favorite part of going to church had to have been the opportunity to get out of the main tourist part of the city away from the crowds. We took the opportunity to sit down and eat some delicious pizza.

67 kyna first pizza in italy

I got the quattro formaggi because it was the main thing I wanted to eat when I went back. I love the combination of all the flavors of the delicious cheeses together and I’m not the biggest fan of red sauce, so this pizza with just bread and cheese is my favorite!


After the pizza we went back and changed and headed out to see the Colosseum and Roman Forum!

Behind me in the picture above is the Arch of Constantine. He’s touted as being the first Christian emperor and most people think it means he was converted… if I understood the tour correctly, he actually only did it to save his kingdom. Politics.

It is about 20 steps away from the Colosseum. Which is beautiful.



After walking around the outside of the Colosseum and seeing the line that wound for hours, we decided to take the chance to see the Roman Forum and come back the next morning to go inside the Colosseum.


Ancient Rome, ancient streets and a lot of it was still standing. We listened to Rick Steve’s audio guide again here and it made it so the Forum was probably our favorite part of Rome.

He kept saying, “Imagine Romans strolling through the streets in togas.” I actually could totally imagine the lawyers and senators wrapped in white sheets, sandals and laurels discussing the latest motions and intrigue.


We got to see where Julius Caesar cried out “E tu, Brutus?” Also saw his funeral pyre and there are still flowers there placed by people who are grateful to him for what he did for Rome.

After grabbing a Kebab for dinner (cheap and delicious and slightly shady) we headed back to the hostel for some rest. We stayed in the hostel, Alessandro Downtown, right by the train station and chose an all girls room. We hardly even saw or heard our roommates. The hostel was professional and really convenient. I’d stay there again for sure.

The inside of the Colosseum and we move on to Florence coming next!

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