Italy Day 3: Inside the Colosseum and on to Florence!

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I almost forgot! Before we went home on the end of Day 2 we took a detour and tried our luck at La Bocca della Verita’!

84 mouth of truth

It had closed for the night, but we fought off the group of nuns outside the fence to lean in and get a good look and a picture or two. Now I’ll never know if I’m a truthteller.

Because it was closed it didn’t take long there, so we added one more stop onto our journey before finding a Kebab and hitting the hay.
86 me spanish steps

At night the Spanish Steps really come alive. Our cameras don’t take the best pictures at night, but we snapped a few shots to say we’d been there. It was great to sit down and rest our feet and people watch.

Even the street vendors trying to get us to buy roses and scarves (literally putting the scarf around your neck if you weren’t paying attention) couldn’t make me upset. I was in Italy and I didn’t have to be back home by 9 p.m. (Missionary schedules were a little strict…)

Anyway- on to the inside of the Colosseum!

When you walk inside the Colosseum you walk right onto the platform where they think the Emperors typically sat. Made me feel like royalty. Almost.

We wandered around the “floor” level for a while… snapped a shot or two.

92 inside colosseum

While there we learned about the underbelly of the Colosseum. Not only was it a place to keep lions and gladiators, it also housed ELEVATORS and trap doors where elaborate sets of tropical islands or deserts could be displayed in a matter of minutes. It’s like ancient reality television where people didn’t get to see the script beforehand and someone always died.

Another interesting fact about the Colosseum, the cheap seats were the best seats because they were shaded and protected from rain by a canopy that didn’t stretch across the entire arena.


Also, all those pock marks on the outside of the Colosseum came not only from wars over the years, but also from the poor Romans coming to the Colosseum and taking the stones to build their houses! That was only once the Colosseum was no longer used on a regular basis, but still, pretty crazy.

We jumped on the first train we could to Florence after seeing the Colosseum. Our first impression of Florence was that we could finally breathe!

Duomo Firenze

Rome was beautiful and is a place everyone should see at least once. However, we were used to the more citizen-friendly areas of Italy and Florence is much more toned down and small-town than Rome. And we were ready to have some breathing room! Details about Florence coming next!

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2 thoughts on “Italy Day 3: Inside the Colosseum and on to Florence!

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  2. Julie says:

    Wow! I love your pictures! What a wonderful trip!!

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