Italy Day 4: Florence

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We arrived in Florence and decided to walk around while figuring out the public transportation… and ended up walking right by the main church in Florence.

Duomo Firenze

Who ever thought to make a church green was a genius. I’m sure there is some real reason like the type of stone they used to build it, but I was still impressed.

Along with the church, there is the baptistry, mainly famous for the golden doors.

101 me gold doors florence

As far as I know it’s real gold covering those Old Testament scenes.

102 gold door closeup in florence

Here’s a close up of one of the scenes. It’s the story of the children of Israel marched around the walls of Jericho till they came tumbling down.

114 florence dome inside

After exploring the inside of the duomo in Florence we went on a walk… well, I went on a walk and dragged Brianna to try to find the leather market that is more for the locals and not as expensive as the one right by the main piazza.

We walked forever, found an antique market and a dollar store, but not the leather market. We rested our feet and got some hot chocolate once we got back to the piazza with the Duomo. Most expensive hot chocolate ever.

Before the sun went down we went to check out the Ponte Vecchio.

Kyna Firenze Ponte Vecchio

The legend says that if you put a padlock on the bridge with your true love and throw away the keys in the river, you’ll never fall out of love. I guess I’ll have to go back and try that out someday. Darn it.

Before we retired to our hostel for the night, we took the bus up to Piazzale S. Michelangelo for one reason.


This is a view you do not want to miss! The rest of Florence next!

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