Italy Day 5 continued: Pisa and Venice

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When we realized the train to Venice stopped by Pisa along the way we decided to hop off-and quite literally run to see the leaning tower of Pisa- and catch a later train to get the rest of the way to Venice.

me leaning tower

While we were running through Pisa we ended guiding a group of Americans who were there on a cruise. They were all so impressed with us, that we could speak Italian, that we knew how to navigate the train system (I helped a couple on the train when they had the wrong ticket and the conductor wanted to kick them off the train, booyah) and that we were just backpacking through Italy because we could.

They also called us young… I think they were 30. 3 years older makes a huge difference apparently.

We were in Pisa for a total of 45 minutes, maybe. We hopped quickly back on the train and headed to Venice. The train ride there was the first time we actually got to speak real Italian. We sat next to a couple of coworkers who noticed our e-readers and I overheard them talking about it… and they ended up helping us make it in to the city. Really, really nice people.

We went out for a nice dinner near our hostel once we arrived and then hit the hay. This hostel was one of our favorites because we had our own bathroom.

We got up early to take advantage of our one day in Venice.


Notice the leather jacket? It was so cold I had to break out the warmer clothes!


Photo opportunities abound in Venice, you’re always crossing canals and walking down winding streets.

We took the opportunity to go up the campanile to see Venice from high above. It was a really unique perspective. And very very cold.


St. Marks is incredible.


We didn’t have time to explore the museums, but the outsides of the buildings in Venice are worth a day in and of themselves!


See what I mean?

After we delved into Venice, we left the Adriatic side of Italy and headed over to Genova, a city on the coast of the Ligurian Sea- the western side of the peninsula.


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4 thoughts on “Italy Day 5 continued: Pisa and Venice

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  2. Julie says:

    So you are the one who pushed over the tower in pisa ?! Great pictures

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