Italy Day 5: More Florence!

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We loved our hostel in Florence. It was really close to everything you want to see in Florence, but not loud and had tons of character. These pictures don’t do it justice- but you can get an idea.

107 hostel in florence 108 hostel florence 2

The view from our hostel included the classic narrow Italian streets and of course… the Italian flag. I love how proud Italians are of their country.

110 view from hostel in florence2

I asked our room mates in the hostel where the leather market was and, even though they were German- they communicated very well in English and showed me right where I needed to go.

Brianna headed off in the morning to see the famous art and museums. I headed off to explore the leather market and Florence on foot because I got to see the David and the Uffizi Gallery when I visited Florence with my parents in 2007 when they picked me up from my mission.


This was my view while I munched on some Nutella and focaccia for breakfast while waiting for the leather market to open. I forgot that I’m more of an early riser than most Italians.


The leather market was exactly what I wanted… almost too much so. I found a leather jacket that from here on out will be featured prominently in almost all of my pictures- mainly because after Florence we got much farther north and it got much colder!

After exploring the leather market (and breaking the bank while there!) I took a tour of a tiny museum dedicated to Dante Alighieri and the medieval times, there was even an actor outside quoting some of his more famous works. Amazing.

We left Florence midday and headed off to one of the most photographed cities in Italy- VENICE!

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