Italy Day 6: Genova and Cinque Terre

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We got to Genova late but were treated to our first stay with an Italian family. Brianna arranged for us to stay with the Leondari family who she helped get baptized while a missionary. From now on we got to speak so much Italian, I was in heaven. They recounted their conversion story for me until late in the night. It took me a minute to get my brain back up to speed, but I understood almost as easily as I did while on the mission. It was a combination of two things I love, Italian and the true gospel.

We slept well and got up early to head out to Cinque Terre. You can walk from city to city along the coast on the prettiest hike I’ve ever been on. Brianna’s friend and my new friend, Erica Leonardi had the day to spend with us, so she came too!

Check it out!

The hike took us literally through a vineyard. There was even an old Italian man selling limoncello (Italian hard lemonade- we didn’t taste it- don’t worry, Mom!) and playing music.


Cinque Terre coast

The ocean was beautiful! Before we started on our hike we ate at a restaurant on the beach. I had a delicious frutti del mare salad. I love fresh seafood- and I especially love eating fresh seafood when you can see the ocean it came from!

Door me

Adorable little door at the end of the hike.

The second of the Cinque Terre, Vernazza, was our destination.

Vernazza color

Definitely worth it.


Shortly after we visited Vernazza, it was hit with flash floods. You might have seen it in the news. I feel so lucky we got to see it before it was damaged, but I feel for the people who call this beautiful coastal town home.

Here’s a heart-wrenching video of the flooding.

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4 thoughts on “Italy Day 6: Genova and Cinque Terre

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  2. […] Previous Italy Trip Post […]

  3. Julie says:

    Wow! The water is so blue! I love the little steps

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