Italy Day 8: Como

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Brianna and I made it to Como where we got to stay with the wonderful Bertocchi family. They were the best examples of member missionaries we had while there. They were so friendly and strong. It was so nice to have amazing support as a missionary. And now, we’re friends!


It was sunny that day.


We took pictures by Lake Como for our families for Christmas presents while we were together there, so we recreated the pictures.

We did a lot of reminscing while we wandered around the town. One of the first places we went was to stop by an old investigator that we had lost touch with. We thought it would be fun to see if she still lived in the same place and remembered us.

We climbed up to the top floor and rang her old doorbell (still– remembering exactly how to get there) and the next door neighbor heard it and answered. When he asked him if he knew who Monica was, he said, “oh yeah, she moved.” My heart sank, but then he continued, “She lives right there at the end of the hall now.”

We knocked on the door and the luck of all luck, Monica was home! And she’s now pregnant and owns a huge apartment. It was all a huge improvement from her old TINY place. She seemed really happy and we’re friends on Facebook now, so we can stay in touch!


We got to eat some delicious piadine and gelato at my favorite places by the church in Como. We took a gander at Switzerland, passed by our old apartment, heard the church bells ringing.

After the most restful night of sleep on the entire trip, we got to head to Milano Stake Conference with the Bertocchi family.

It was the perfect Sunday to visit our mission because we got to see members from Como and our different Milano wards. I was touched to see how many people remembered us.

The coolest story of the trip was with this little lady.


She came up to us after hearing from some other members that there were sister missionaries visiting that had served in Como about 5 years prior.

After introducing herself she told me that she met the sisters because they were teaching her neighbor, a painter from Russia. That rang a bell in my memory and reminded me of an investigator Brianna and I found completely by accident while we were trying to find a less active.

We taught Lyudmila for a long time while I was there and then Brianna remembered teaching her neighbor- a cute old lady- one time right before she left. Lyudmila never got baptized, but long story short, a few sets of sister missionaries later and her neighbor, the woman in the photo, got baptized. And 4 years later is still going strong.

It was a great testimony to me and for all you future missionaries out there, you never know what seeds you plant on your mission.

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