Italy Trip: Post round-up

I’ve finally finished writing about my trip! And if you just went to my blog, you’d read it backwards… so I’ve compiled all the posts here: Day 1 to Day 9.

St Peters Basilica light2

Italy: Rome, Day 1

Italy: Rome, Day 1, The Vatican

Italy: Rome, Day 1, La Cupola di San Pietro

Italy: Rome, Day 1, The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Rioting in the Streets

Italy: Rome, Day 2, The Roman Forum, Colossuem and FOOD!

Italy Day 3:Inside the Colosseum and on to Florence!

Italy Day 4: Florence

Italy Day 5:More Florence

Italy Day 5 continued: Pisa and Venice

Italy Day 6: Genova and Cinque Terre

Italy Day 7: Torino

Italy Day 8: Como

Italy Day 9: Milano

I might be talking to the wind here, but I’ve loved revisiting my trip and now I know that I have it recorded so I know I’ll be able to remember everything about it!

If you want to see ALL of the pictures from my trip you can check out my Italy 2011 set on my Flickr account.

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