Early Valentine’s Day


If you’ve ever had a case of the Mondays and just didn’t know what to do to make them go away… may I suggest get a surprise delivery of flowers from an unknown source as an excellent way to get your week started right?

I feel so loved, I think I know who sent me these flowers but they haven’t owned up to it yet.

My coworkers all filled my office when they saw the delivery guy walk in with a bouquet for me… they all wanted to know what fantastic date I’d been on last weekend or if it was my birthday… they figured there had to be a reason to get flowers.

There wasn’t.

All the note said was,

“Hey B!

Just felt like sending you a little love! Have a wonderful week!

Love you!


If you’ve ever thought about randomly getting flowers for someone and hesitated, I tell you now- DO NOT hesitate. DO IT. They will love you.

These flowers, or more accurately the anonymous person who sent them made my week.

UPDATE: My cousin, Sarah, who went into the MTC last week owned up to sending these awesome flowers! She told me she didn’t sign it on purpose and even put “B” because she knows that only my brothers call me that. She calls me Beans. Totally had me fooled!

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2 thoughts on “Early Valentine’s Day

  1. Mary-Anne says:

    Oh my, how fun! Those flowers are so pretty! What a way to start your week. 🙂

  2. Paige W says:

    That is SO lovely! I am so inspired right now reading this! – Paige

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