Get ready West Virginia!


My cousin, Sarah Boyce, headed into the MTC today to prepare to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She’ll be serving in West Virginia, Charleston area.

I’ve never met anyone more missionary-like in every day life. I can’t wait for her to get out there and start touching people’s lives.


It was really sunny today, so excuse the squinting- she was actually happy.


She had an escort of at least 4 young missionaries to get her where she needed to go- they even carried her suitcases for her.

When they came to get her luggage and walk her in she just about walked away without giving me a hug. The host elder had to remind her to say goodbye. 🙂

I guess she was just already focused and ready to go.

And one more paparazzi-type photo for the road:


Good luck, Sister Boyce!

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5 thoughts on “Get ready West Virginia!

  1. Lora Bailey says:

    I loved seeing these pictures of our wonderful Sarah on her way to the MTC! What a wonderful missionary she will be! She has that missionary spirit about her already! Thanks for sharing, Kyna! 🙂

  2. Lois Anderson says:

    Isn’t face book fun. It put us right there with you two cousins My non member friend’ birthday is July 28th like mine. Larry and I plan to be there on that date so I’m reallyhoping Sara will be in Ravenswood then. I told your Mom that she has two married children that come to Mables every weekend so she would never join the church. Your wise mother said “Convert the kids too.” How is that for positive????

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