Lovely Valentines

I had a fantastic Valentine’s Day this year!

I got to spend time with one of my favorite cousins- Sarah- before she went into the MTC the next day.

The Taylor’s and Swifts came down to visit and I loved having so much family so close!

I also got LOTS of chocolate.

Visiting teaching peeps, anonymous drop offs and my fantastic roommate!


This is the story that came with that overflowing basket of cocoa and sugar.

“Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived a SWEETART of a princess. But all was not well within her kingdom. She was trying to find her MR. GOODBAR. She had been courted by a BIG HUNK and a JOLLY RANCHER, but no one had made her heart leap for ALMOND JOY. One day the princess CRUNCHed her car and all her subjects were SNICKERing. Then along came a HOT TAMALE that fixed it GOOD AND PLENTY- What a LIFE SAVER! Her heart played a SYMPHONY every time he came around. While courting they loved to dance the CHARLESTON and he was EXTRA sweet when he told her she looked like a 100 GRAND. SKOR!! Soon after a RING POP on her BUTTERFINGER. The STARBURST as they rode away into the MILKY WAY.”

Isn’t she so sweet and creative? I love Chelsie!

I understand the reasons why people get sad on Valentine’s Day but I’ve come to see it as a day to celebrate love, of all kinds!

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3 thoughts on “Lovely Valentines

  1. Lora Bailey says:

    What a cute and fun story! You always were good at “Creative Writing”! You get another A+ !!! 🙂

  2. Mary-Anne says:

    I am glad YOU live so close!! Glad you had a good Valentine’s. 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    Fun!! I am glad you had a “LOVE”ly day:)

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