Seeing the Miracles

This weekend at church, later Sunday night at a fireside and then last night in a discussion with my home teachers the idea of writing down your tender mercies came up repeatedly.

I was really good at writing down the miracles I saw in my life at one point on my mission. It was towards the end of my mission and I really felt like I wasn’t seeing any of the miracles that so many missionaries see. So I made a really big effort to see miracles in the little things.

I got to the point where I was overwhelmed with gratitude for little things like catching the bus, finding someone at home or making it somewhere on time.

Now, I get annoyed when a car won’t let me into their lane so I can exit the freeway. I get impatient when something doesn’t work as quickly as I think it should on my computer.

Today I’m going to work harder to see the miracles in my every day life. I have a feeling it’s going to be a little bit of a stretch for a while, but I’m going to fake it until I make it.

Miracles from today:
1. This morning there was snow on the ground, but it hadn’t frozen to my windshield, so instead of scraping my windows, I just had to turn on the wipers.

2. I got an email from my Dad asking me how I was. Work was especially crazy the last few days and I really needed to hear from him.

3. I have kickboxing to look forward to tonight and Jess is back in town so she can go with me.

Have you ever tried writing down the tender mercies in your days? Any advice for me as I try to be more aware?

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