5k Mania! You in?

It’s officially spring and we can officially run outside and pretend it’s really nice weather.

My roommates and I celebrated the return of beautiful by going on a run together!

Then we got home, made a delicious dinner (french toast and eggs) and then signed up for 2 different 5k runs!

You have to have a goal, right?

The first 5k we’ll be doing is Color Me Rad– which just from the picture looks amazing. If you want to be on my team you can, but you have to promise to say hello. It’s April 28 just around UVU. I stole the picture from the website, but I’m pretty sure that will be me in about 6 weeks.

The second 5k we signed up for is The Dirty Dash. It’s a full-on mud run. Mud pits, slip-n-slides and more. This one is June 2 and will be an absolute blast. You can be on my team for this one too. But this one you have to run with me if you’re going to do it. I stole this picture too, I don’t know these people, but I like their hats.

So, what do you say? Look like fun? It’s just a motivator to get out there, enjoy the weather and get active!

Join me!


4 thoughts on “5k Mania! You in?

  1. Julie says:

    What crazy looking runs! Good for you! Have fun!

  2. Sarah says:

    Kyna!!! If I was out there I would TOTALLY be in!!! How can I find out about races like that out here? I’ve done a million 5K’s but never any like those!

    • Kyna says:

      Sarah, I’m sure they have something similar to you out there. They have the Color Me Rad races all over the place, the Dirty Dash I’m not so sure. There are all sorts of similar races though. Check out the Warrior Dash, there’s one in Ohio… Isn’t that where you are?

  3. […] the races that I just signed up for looming nearer and nearer, I have gotten much more diligent and I am trying to get back into […]

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