Color Me Rad Recap


We started the race off running (odd for a race — normally there are so many people that you can’t run from the start line)…


But then as we hit the color stations it got incredibly backed up and we had to walk through.

Thank goodness for the sunglasses!!

We had a ton of people run this race with us and it was a blast! We made white shirts with our team name and last names on them… but it seemed like EVERYONE else had as well.

It was pretty difficult to find everyone (with all 6,000 runners wearing white) but we eventually did.


The morning was chilly but not freezing even though the race was the end of April.


We lost a few of our team members as we ran, it was difficult to dodge all of the people who were just walking the race, but we met up with them at the end.


The finish line consisted of people throwing all of the chalk into the air at the same time. The color cloud it made was amazing! Really hard to see and really hard to breathe, but really fun!

And, I have the best pit stains ever from that race. The color was wet spray, not just chalk and they seemed to hit me right in the armpits. Now that I’ve washed my shirt a couple of times I have yellow/green pit stains that are huge. I’m really classy.


2 thoughts on “Color Me Rad Recap

  1. Julie says:

    Fun! What a messy way to run 🙂 I am glad you are creative!

  2. W says:

    Great! Looks like fun

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