Dirty Dash Recap

I’m starting to treat my blog like my journal. Not in that I put my innermost feelings here — I’m not that exposed yet. Just that I always tell myself I’ll post/write more often. And then months go by.

With that said, here are some pics from the Dirty Dash.


Probably one of the most fun and grueling races I’ve ever done — counting my half marathons.


You START the race running up a hill full of mud. And you’re pretty dang tired by the time you slip your way to the top. But then there’s a rope net to climb over.


The rope net turns out to be child’s play compared to the wooden walls. I had to have help over the tallest of them and ended up kicking my teammate full on in the face. Full on.


After you make it through the mud trenches and the freezing water spraying over the course (I fell down while just standing and waiting to go over a wall it was so slippery from the water spray), you run through the stinkiest lake you’ll ever find.

Then you try to do the monkey bars. Ever tried doing monkey bars when your feet are mud bricks that have now dried? Dare you.


The second-to-last obstacle is the water slide. Definitely awesome. Definitely dangerous — someone broke their ankle they landed so fast!


Then you wade through two giant mud puddles to cross the finish line.


As a team of course.


We haven’t signed up for another race, but we’re thinking we might travel to the next one and make a weekend out of it!


What do you think?

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