Family Reunion Time!

2 Family reunions in one month made for a lot of travel, a lot of food and a LOT of fun!

The beginning of July I drove to Moses Lake, WA for my Grandma J’s surprise 80th birthday party.

We pulled in at 2 a.m. and got to wake up at 4 thanks to this little guy. We did get to camp and it was the first time I’ve gone camping all summer so I loved being able to spend tons of time outside. Even though it was REALLY hot!


Everyone loves my Grandma J and you can just see why– she’s so pretty in pink here!

Along with the eating, game playing and swimming and my first time on a jet ski we had a party for all of my Grandma’s family and friends. And my beautiful momma planned the cutest decorations and treats!


It was a huge success!








Nephew — almost WALKING


More cousins!

We all headed back to our respective homes for about a week before my immediate family all gathered in Idaho!


We gathered together because my little brother, Kyrk will be leaving on his mission for the LDS church to San Antonio, Texas on August 8!


Lava Hot Springs, ID was the perfect place to gather for some relaxation and big laughs. We spent time at the water park where the boys tested their bravery jumping off the highest platforms. I tested my bravery by going on the scary slide. I could barely handle it. I am a chicken.


I loved getting to see Cody and meet his girlfriend, Kaitlin. They are so cute together!


Kaitlin pointed out the classy lamp shades to me that we had in our hotel covering the light fixtures. It was a really fun place to stay and had plenty of room for all of us… but I do think I have better taste in decorating than the owners. 🙂

I loved getting to see all of my family in one place. And getting some sun and relaxation!

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2 thoughts on “Family Reunion Time!

  1. Lora Bailey says:

    Kyna, I love reading your blog! You get an A+ from me! I enjoyed the pictures, too! When i was young we spent a lot of our fun times in Lava Hot Springs, so I was happy to see that picture of the town again! Your brother is ready to head off on his mission! That is wonderful news! Glad you got to enjoy time with your family! Lucky girl!

    Love ya,

    Lora Bailey

  2. Julie says:

    What fun this summer !! I love your pictures!! So glad you were able to come ! I love you!

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