These vagabond shoes. They are longing to stray.


The show went really well! Everybody loved the graphic that we used this summer for our “Summer of Love”, it was a lot of fun to play off the ’60s groovy theme.


One evening we took a cab ride and our cabbie pointed out this friendly pedestrian crossing the street in front of us.

Oh, New York.


I took a run through Central Park one morning and it was a lot of fun to get out and stretch my legs, but it was so humid I thought I might die. I was so sweaty, it was incredibly unattractive I’m sure.


Once the show was over we had a couple of days to play. And play we did. We started off going to the Natural History Museum. All I wanted to do was quote “Night at the Smithsonian” the entire time. I also got to see a replica of the famous, world-ending calendar. Not that I could read it.


I touched a real dinosaur egg!


The dinosaurs are pretty cool. I can’t imagine what we would do if they still lived on the earth.


We then got caught in the rain.


Again and again. It poured all day. But we spent the remainder of the day inside watching plays!


Our first play was “Bring it On” — yep. Like the movie in all of it’s high school drama glory. I loved it. The audience was totally into the play and it was so funny, and even though the majority of the cast was brand new to Broadway they were really good!


We watched Evita at night, starring Ricky Martin. That’s right. Ricky Martin is living la vida loca in the starring role in Evita. Seriously impressive. He’s got great stage presence and there were some really cool sets and scenes in the show.


Our last day in New York we went shopping. We browsed the design store of the MoMMa and they had some really cool stuff in there. This purse was made out of a keyboard! I also got to walk down Fifth Avenue and see all of the swanky stores there. Of course, I only actually shopped at UniQlo (sp?) which had prices that were more in my price range!

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One thought on “These vagabond shoes. They are longing to stray.

  1. Lora Bailey says:

    Dear Kyna,

    I love looking at your Blogs! What an amazing trip you had! Thank you for sharing with me! I am giving you another A+ 🙂

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