these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will insipire you, let’s hear it for New York

What would a trip to New York be without eating some fantastic food?!


I don’t have a picture of our first meal at Cafe Habana, I ate too quickly to even think about it. It was delicious though. The second night we took a trip over the ocean to Eataly and had a delicious plate of salami and cheese. I was in heaven. I could eat salamis and cheese every meal and be a happy person. My stomach might not be, but my tongue sure would!


Saturday for lunch I grabbed a pupusa from a food truck in Red Hook in Brooklyn (right by Ikea, conveniently.) They had this delicious drink that I had tasted when my brother brought some back from his mission in Guatemala. I think it’s called Jasmine. Or rose something. I can’t remember, but it’s delish!


For dessert one night we got ice cream and mini pies from this southern style restaurant. I love that you can get fancy Italian, turn the corner, walk by an Indian restaurant where spices spill out the door and stop for some good southern home cooking on the next corner.


Of course, the famous Halal guys by the Hilton were there every night. We didn’t get any at night this trip though, and I thought we almost wouldn’t get any at all… we did though. It seems we can’t go a trip without it.


I tried a gluten-free burger at the 5 Napkin Burger and wasn’t too impressed. It was fun to be able to eat a burger normally, but… I think I just want a bun to taste like a bun. And not get soggy. The meat was very tasty though.


We made a trip to the original Magnolia Bakery and it was well worth the travel. Key Lime cheesecake and banana cream pudding. YUM.


We also tried out Holey Cream. They make donut ice cream sandwiches. Carol-Lyn tried one and said that it was okay — the doughnuts are a little dry. I had some of their house-made ice cream and it was delicous!


I didn’t buy anything from F.A.O. Schwartz but it sure was tempting! They had so many fun candies from years ago that I don’t see in stores any more. One example? A huge bag of Pop-Rocks. Insane fun.


We ended our trip by grabbing a halal dish to share and it was delicious. Although the cab ride to the airport immediately following left me so sick to my stomach I wished I hadn’t eaten anything.

New York knows food. I can see why people don’t really cook while living there, restaurants are more accessible than grocery stores.

What is your favorite way to experience a city? How do you find new restaurants to eat at when you travel? Do you try new restaurants in the city where you live?

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